Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Slutty Sissy Got Pimped Out

The time had come again for sissy bruci to get dressed up like a slut for me. This time I was going to take him to a sex theatere and totally whore him out. He got dressed in some thigh hi’s with garters and a matching bra and panty set and a short tight fitting skirt and low cut top. And he also had on a pair of four inch pumps to go with that. I told him “Sissy Bruci you are going to be my bitch today and make that money for me!” When we arrived the first thing I told him he was going to do was to get his hot mouth ready to wrap around some big fat dicks. Bruci’s Pussy ass was getting so excited thinking about getting down on his knees and suck on all of those dicks like a cock whore. All those horny men were standing around watching as he got down on fours and took the first one in his mouth. It was about 8 inches long and almost 21/2 inches thick. He opened up his mouth and stared to slide his lips around the tip of the head. Immediately he said he could feel that cock pulsating and throbbing as he started to move his moth and tongue down the shaft. I looked down at him and said “You fucking whore, you have no idea what is in store for you tonight.” He moaned out with a mouth full of cock slurping with his wet mouth sliding up and down. Sucking that pole like he was riding a fuckin pole. He said “I love suckin cock for you Princess Kendal” I said “I know you do bitch!” Hearing him taking it in deeper and deeper he could feel the pre cum ooze out like cream that was slowly leaking from a cream filled doughnut . But this cream was much better then any he had ever tasted before. Bruci’s ass was wiggling back and forth and the man that was standing next to me started getting that horny fucking look in his eyes seeing bruci’s panties exposed. I looked at him and said “Your dick wants to slide in that pussy ass doesn't it?” He said “Hell yeah it does REALLY bad too.” I said “Well if you wanna fuck that tight wet hole you have to pay up bitch this don't come for free.” I put out my hand and started rubbing my fingers together saying “Pay up if you want your dick in that.” He brought out his walled and dropped a few $20 bills and I gave him a seductive smile and placed it between my breasts. I said “Now go ahead and expose that meaty dick for bruci and I.” He unzipped his pants and showed it and I said “Oh fuck Bruci look at this huge fucking piece of fleshy dick! It’s about 9 inches long and 3 inches thick!” Bruci started to moan out and begged like a bitch with his mouth full of cock and said “Oh please fuck my pussy ass with your huge cock.” He looked at me and said “Princess Kendal may I please get my hole stuffed with that?” I said “Yes you may I told you I was going to make you my bitch didn't I whore?!” I said “Pull those fucking panties to the side and show off that fucking clitty.” The guy started pumping his cock looking at that tiny hole and said “I need my cock in that now.” I said “Well get down on your knees and fuck that sissy pussy!” My glory hole slut was pumping that cock in his mouth and sliding his tongue up and down that shaft and ran it down to those full balls and started to suck and lick on them like the true cock luvin whore that he is and I said “Oh my god bruci he is about to cum!

Get that fuckin mouth back up that flesh pole and beg him like a bitch for his cum in your mouth!” He did exactly that as he could feel that big fat cock start to poke his pussy ass. He grabbed his hips and started to push his way inside saying “Fuck you have a tight sissy pussy.” Stretching those lips open and giving him more of his 9 inches of flesh. Bruci took a fresh hot wad of cum all over his face and his mouth and could feel it going down his throat and said “MMMMM it tastes so good.” I said “ Clean off that cock whore!” With him moaning out like a bitch in heat feeling his slutty hole getting reamed faster and faster. I said “He’s going to fuck you so good that he explodes his load deep inside of your dirty fuckin hole!” Bruci squeezed his sissy pussy around his cock and looked back as I said “Now stay on your knees and move over to the next glory hole and start sucking on that cock!” It was bigger then the one he just had his mouth wrapped around. At least 91/2 inches long and 3 inches thick. I said “This is better then any fuckin sausage you have ever wrapped your slutty mouth around. Feeling that big fat cock stretc h his pussy ass open and throbbing deep inside of his hot hole. Rimming deeper and harder and feeling his ass get smacked with those full balls. I said “You are a nasty whore aren’t you bruci! And you want his hot cum don’t you!” Bruci was such a slut for a big hard cock and before that night was over I made plans to take him up on stage and get him auctioned off to the horniest fucking group of guy’s that I could. Whoever was ready to pay out the most to make bruci proove how much of a dirty nasty slut he really was. Weather it was a gang bang by six hung men or being a toilet slave and sucking off guy’s cock and take a cock tail down his throat mixed with pee and cum or even taking a K-9’s cock in his slutty mouth and pussy sissy ass Bruci would do it. And he was going to get passed around just like a fucking street walking hooker does from guy to guy. I bent down and started to play with Bruci’s sissy clitty and said “I'm going to make this a night you never forget. Now beg for this mans hot fuckin load. Tell him how much of a whore you are and how much you need his cum deep inside of you.” Feeling me tease his clitty I could feel it swelling up as that dick was pumping and throbbing sliding in and out. Bruci said “Please shoot your cum inside of my pussy ass I need it so much! I’ll do anything for you to blow your load in my whore ass.” I looked back and said “Shoot that fuckin cum in him now!” Bruci grabbed his cock and held on to it and could feel all of his wad fill him up. I looked and said “you are a true cum whore the nasty fucking games are just beginning. “ By the time that night ended Bruci brought me in wad’s of cash like a good slut and got a gang bang from six guys with HUGE cocks and got his face and man pussy shot up with so much cum he was covered in it. He even took a creamy cum filled piss cock tail down his throat. I can’t wait to bring out those golden retrievers and Labradors and Rotty with the big k-9 cocks so he can suck them and then take them in his sissy pussy and feel them knot up and bust their loads inside of him. And next time I may even take him out to my barn yard and tell him to get ready to wrap his nasty holes around my horses cock and whatever else we can find. Bruci is one of the nastiest sissy’s I've ever come across.

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  1. I'm an adult arcade sissy whore, so I can totally relate to Bruci's experience, the only difference being that I'm my own pimp. But not to worry - part of the sissy whore experience involves taking on men who are very much into dominating and humiliating a bitch - thus I get more than my share of that when I'm in a booth with a man - a man who has paid for the right to roughly abuse and humiliate me during the act of sex. Love sissy Bruci's story though!