Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Pathetic Sissy Fag Loser

I like to hear all of your secret confessions. It doesn’t matter what they are. You can be a slave who wants to worship me and follow my every command. You can be a pathetic loser with a tiny prick who secrety jerks off your widdle worm and loves to hear my cute girlish giggle as I tell you that you are not man enough to fuck me because you have a shrimp dick pecker. Or you can be a panty boy who secretly likes to rummage through my dirty hamper and sniff and lick the crotch and jerk your dick off thinking about me coming in to punish you. Or you can be a cock sucking faggot who secretly dreams about getting down on your knees after I dress you up in something slutty and paint your lips with hot pink gloss and tell you to get ready to suck my studs cock off. And if that is too extreme for you then I’ll just wrap your fucking lips around my strap on and suck it like the whore that you are. I will make you my slutty bitch and bend you over or put you on your knees and spread those little ass cheeks open and stuff you with my strappy that’s perfect for your tiny hole. I know you are sitting back stroking now thinking of all of the ways you can serve me. I don’t care how kinky, dirty, forbidden or taboo it may be. You will find yourself picking up your phone calling me for domination phone sex.

It’s like this guy who came in our free sex chat room a few nights ago and chatted with me for a while. Then he told me he had something very naughty he wanted to tell me and was embarrassed to tell me. The next thing I knew my phone was ringing and he told me how he fantasized about something very taboo. He told me how his younger sister goes around just barely dressed in little skimpy tops and panties. And he confessed about how he liked to watch her and how hard his dick gets. But then he confessed that he was a sissy fag loser boy and how he wanted me to be his younger sister. I told him I loved role play phone sex and how I was going to invite one of my older studs over and treat my older brother like a complete and total faggy loser. He started to breath and pant really hard as he heard me telling him how I was going to put him in a pair of my dirty cummy panties. And then I grabbed some of my glossy red lipstick and said “Put this on loser. All fags should have pretty painted lips.” I stood there teasing and being flirty with him. I slid my hands under my top and started to play with my puffy hard nipples. And I laughed and said “You fucking loser look at your dick getting hard seeing me stand here in front of you as I masturbate. You know I purposely dress like this because it drives you nuts. And I invite my boyfriends over here and leave the door open knowing that you are standing outside of it wishing that you could be in here on your knees like a fag boy begging me to suck cock.

And what you really like is to see your little sister get her tiny pussy filled up with big fat fucking cock because you know it’s going to get creamed in.” I laughed and tormented him and heard his moans as he stroked his dick knowing that he would be on his knees after he showed me how much of a fag loser he was and then lick up all of the cum from my pussy lips. My cream pie boy my slave brother who would do anything for a luscious meaty dick. He would be humiliated and toyed with just so he could have the chance to see me walk around like a slut and flaunt my sexy little body at him. I must admit as much as I love having him on his knees sucking a cock I also like taking my strap on and showing him how good I will fuck his slutty hole. I like knowing that I will take control of him so good that he will be my subbie lil loser brother. And if he takes my big fat strap on like I command him to do then in the end he will get whatever kind of treat that he likes. So I stand there giggling and waving my creamy dirty panties in front of his face in one hand and have my hand wrapped around a big fleshy cock in the other hand. And he pumps and strokes off his meet fast and hard and starts begging me like the loser that he is to cum. And I just look at him and say keep pumping that dick until you can’t take it anymore and shoot that load in my dirty panties and then lick it all up for me you cum slut loser! He looks at me and says “Oh yes Kendal I’ll do it for you! I stand there lifting my little top up and pull my little panties to the side to expose these bare pink lips and masturbate until he shoots all of his load. And my sexy moans drain his cock dry…..

I can’t wait to bring him to his knees again and have him submit to his younger sister.

Do you like taboo phone sex as much as I do? Or maybe you get hard thinking about kinky phone sex. It doesn't matter whatever your fantasy is I can’t wait to hear all of your secrets today..